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Invitation to partner with Fasset in the year ahead

Fasset would like to remind employers that applications for the Mandatory Grants close on 30 April 2016. The Mandatory Grant enables levy-paying employers to claim back 20% of their Skills Development Levy contributions.

In order to apply for the grant, employers must submit an Annual Training Report (ATR) for the 2015/2016 year, combined with the Skills Development Plan (SDP) for the 2016/2017 year. Employers can claim for any training planned and undertaken in the firm, including short courses and training conducted or planned for any population group. The Mandatory Grant is paid on a quarterly basis.

Fasset does not want employers to view the completion of the SDP as a matter of compliance, or a “necessary evil”. Fasset would like employers to extract the maximum value from this process. They can do so by deploying the SDP as a strategic management tool.

The completion of a SDP compels the Skills Development Facilitator to take a helicopter view of human capital within the organisation. This is very important in terms of auditing existing skills within the organisation, identifying skills gaps, implementing strategies for succession planning, meeting Employment Equity targets, and ensuring that all employees are trained.

Fasset would like to encourage employers to include the Seta’s Lifelong Learning events in their SDP. Offered at no cost whatsoever to Fasset members, and delivered by experts in the field, these events add considerable value particularly to SMMEs and small and medium-sized firms. Fasset is very cognisant of the fact that training budgets may be small. For this reason, Fasset ensures that it hosts lifelong learning events, which target SDFs, HR professionals, middle and senior managers and learners.

People are undoubtedly a firm’s greatest asset. Investing in people always pay dividends. Experience has shown that training and developing people always translates into higher levels of productivity, better morale and greater competitiveness.

Fasset would like to invite ICB employers to partner with Fasset in the year ahead. Working in partnership, we can build a robust pipeline of finance and accounting skills for the South African economy.

Employers can download application forms for the Mandatory Grant from the Fasset website: www.fasset.org.za. Employers must ensure that they download the correct application form. There are separate application forms for firms employing more than 50 people, firms employing less than 50 people, and public sector organisations.