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Date Topic Description
November Emotional Intelligence, Personal Growth and Self-esteem  Fasset's full day workshop on Emotional Intelligence and Personal Growth was held countrywide in November. The workshop focused in accepting that an organisation cannot grow and flourish without a systemic understanding of the system and its environment, solid strategic leadership, and day-to-day management.
November Fasset Incentives  To ensure that firms enjoy the benefits from being a member of the Seta, Fasset hosted an event for the sector to communicate the 2015/2016 incentives and strategy. This strategy is in line with the 2012 funding regulations as well as the White Paper for Post-School Education and Training.
October Ethics, Fraud, Governance and Risk  Fasset’s full day workshop on Ethics, Fraud, Governance and Risk was held countrywide in October 2014. The aim of the workshop was to equip delegates with an intermediate working knowledge of ethics, risk, governance, fraud management and anti-corruption compliance in order to assist in steering their businesses on the road to becoming responsible corporate citizens.
September Compliance with Changes in Legislation 2014 Update  Fasset’s half day seminar on Compliance with Changes in Legislation 2014 Update was held countrywide in September 2014. The seminar facilitated an intermediate understanding of Complying with Changes in Legislation as well as a high-level overview of the existing legislation. In this industry, it is important to keep up to date with the key legislation and new developments. Gaining knowledge in this arena was made simple in a half-day training programme.
August Business Writing and Presentation Skills  Fasset’s two-day Business Writing and Presentation Skills workshop was held countrywide in August 2014, and provided delegates with the information and tools required to develop their business writing and presentation skills. The programme covered typical problem areas of grammar, i.e. vocabulary, tenses, punctuation, concord, active and passive voice, as well as introducing delegates to mind-mapping, document planning, drafting and editing. The Presentation Skills component of the course also covered audience analysis, structure of the presentation, use of visual aids and presentation tips.
July Tax Administration Act,28 of 2011  Fasset's half day seminar on the Tax Administration Act 28 of 2011 was held countrywide in July 2014 and covered all relevant aspects of this act. The seminar informed tax practitioners, auditors, accountants, bookkeepers and learners about all their duties, liabilities and responsibilities in terms of Tax Administration Act 28 of 2011.
June Time and Stress Management  Time and Stress Management full day workshop was held countrywide in June 2014. It provided delegates with the information and tolls required to ensure a work-life balance. The course focused on sharing practical information and tolls to apply in order to manage stress more effectively.
May Developing and Implementing Strategy  Developing and Implementing Strategy workshop was a full-day session. The workshop was providing delegates with information and tools required to develop and implement an applicable strategy to grow a business. It was designed to provide insight into how a business should consider and choose their strategic approach and how to implement the action plan so that the business progresses according to the plan.
April Fasset Incentive Update  It has been more than a year since the December 2012 funding regulations to the Skills Development Act were released by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). To ensure that firms enjoy the benefits from being a member of the Seta, Fasset hosted and facilitated the event for the sector to communicate the Fasset 2014/2015 Fasset incentives and strategy.
April Performance Management  This Performance Management workshop was a half-day session. The purpose for this workshop was to introduce delegates to performance management and how it can be utilized to create a work environment in which management and staff can perform to the best of their ability. The workshop was intended to people working in a variety of workplace context in which they are required to get people to work together and support one another to achieve shares aims.
March and April  Budget and Tax Update  For the eleventh successful year, Fasset’s held half-day Budget and Tax Update seminar countrywide in March and April 2014. The seminar covered relevant and appropriate aspects of the Minister of Finance’s Budget Speech as well as some amendments to tax legislation and practice during the last financial year, offering delegates a unique opportunity to update stakeholders with the latest developments.

The seminar focused on being practical and relevant, discussing new and pending legislation and covering some of the key areas announced in the 2014 Budget Speech, examining their impact on individual taxpayers and businesses.
February  Office Etiquette  This seminar was a concentrated review of various aspects of office etiquette in organisations, team and in individuals. Aspects covered included understanding office etiquette in the modern organisation, learning the conventional rules of office etiquette, understanding what professional office relations are made up of, dealing effectively with elements of office etiquette such as introductions, handshakes, office attire, meetings, netiquette, e-mail etiquette, confidentiality, ethics at work, communicating professionally at the office, dealing with difficult people at work and other trends if office etiquette.