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Overview of Research at Fasset

As part of the Seta’s commitment to ensure the usage of Seta funding has impact on the lives of learners, (reducing unemployment) and the economy and society at large of South Africa, a dedicated research department was established in July 2014 to ensure that Seta performance against these objectives could be measured. Fasset has developed a labour market analysis and monitoring system that consists of comprehensive sector surveys every five years, sector skills planning, annual analyses of grant applications submitted to Fasset, and various ad hoc research projects.

A number of research focus areas have been identified relevant to Fasset. These include:

  • Sector Skills Plan
  • Sector Surveys
  • Annual Grant Analyses
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Evaluation of Seta Interventions
  • Impact Assessment of Seta Programmes
  • Scarce Skills Guidelines
  • Employer Guidelines to Usage of the Organising Framework for Occupations
  • Benchmarking of Fasset Sector Training Practices

Fasset has developed a research policy for all stakeholders who would like to request information from Fasset to be used for research purposes. This policy was developed to ensure that all stakeholders understand the process and procedures of Fasset when requesting this information. All stakeholders are encouraged to read through the policy and complete Annexure 1: Research Information Request form before submitting any requests. The Research Policy is available on the Policies page of the About Fasset section of the website.