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Proudly South African

In a pledge to support South African companies and promote economic growth, Fasset is now a member of the Proudly South African campaign. The campaign promotes South African companies, products and services which help to create jobs and economic growth in our country and is supported by organised labour, organised business, government and community organisations. Companies who meet the Proudly South African standards are able to sport the logo to identify themselves, their products and services.

Criteria for being awarded Proudly South African membership
  1. The company's products or services must incur at least 50% of their production costs in SA, including labour, and be "substantially transformed" (in other words a product that is merely imported and re-packaged would not be eligible).
  2. The company and its products or services must meet high quality standards.
  3. The company must be committed to fair labour and employment practices.
  4. The company must be committed to sound environmental standards.
Further information is available under www.proudlysa.co.za