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Fasset Publications

Fasset has numerous printed and electronic publications which are available to all stakeholders, either directly from the website,or on request from the Call Centre

All material below link through to our downloads section.

Publishing Fasset Information

Fasset encourages all its stakeholders to make use of the information we make available for purposes of increasing knowledge and developing skills, with the provison that Fasset is acknowledged as the source of the information.

Printed Publications

  • Facts Quarterly Newsletter
  • Annual Report
  • Five Year Overview
  • Fasset Sector Profile
  • Getting Started Booklet
  • Acronyms in the Skills Development Environment Leaflet
  • Brochures

(downloads section?)On-line / Electronic Publications

  • E-Facts Monthly e-zine
  • SDF Booklets
    • Implementing SAQA and SDA Legislation in the Workplace
    • Skills Planning
    • Implementing and Conducting an Assessment in the Workplace
    • Working with Assessment Guides
    • Aligning Learning Interventions to the NQF
    • Implementing Learnerships
    • Implementing Quality Management Systems
  • HIV/AIDS Booklet
  • CPE Event Presentations, Workbooks and Articles
  • SDF Event Presentations, Workbooks and Articles
  • Sector Skills Plan 2001 – 2005
  • Sector Skills Plan 2005 – 2010
  • Learnership Agreement
  • Learnership Information Pack
  • Learnership Readiness Summary and Comprehensive Document
  • ETQA Guidelines for Training Providers
  • ETQA Criteria for Short Course Providers
  • Fasset Proatia Manual
  • Fasset Policies
  • Fasset Corporate Governance Guidelines
  • Fasset's Employer Guide to Consultation
  • SDF Analysis Report (1 April 2001 to 31 March 2002)
  • The Need for Strategic Learnerships
  • Grant Submission Analysis (Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4)
  • Survey of Trade Unionisation in Fasset Sector – June 2004
  • The Benefits of Employing Disabled People Benefits
  • Management Consulting Learnership documents