Grant Analysis

Since 2001 Fasset has commissioned reports that analyse the grant application forms submitted by its constituent organisations to the Seta. The report covers successful grant submissions submitted for a specific financial year.

The report covers the content of the Mandatory Grant submissions which comprise the Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) application combined with the Annual Training Report (ATR). Additional relevant Fasset grants offered including the Learnership Cash Grant (LCG), Strategic Cash Grant (SCG), Pivotal Grant (PG) and the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) Loan Repayment Grant (NLRG) are also analysed in this series of reports. Also included is an analysis of Non-Levy Payers (NLPs) and Skills Development Facilitators (SDFs).

Download the Grant Analysis

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Implementation Period


2012/2013 financial year

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2011/2012 financial year

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2010/2011 financial year

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2009/2010 financial year

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2008/2009 financial year

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