Sector Skills Plans

The Sector Skills Plan (SSP) represents the 'roadmap' for the work of Fasset and organisations in the Fasset sector in terms of skills development. In addition, to outlining long-term and short-term skills development deliverables, Fasset's vision and mission, the SSP provides information on:

  • Sector profile
  • Factors influencing future change in the sector
  • Current education and training supply for the sector
  • Sector development strategy
  • Employment and skills needs
  • Implications for skills policy and skills provision
  • Vision, mission, objectives, priorities, outcomes and key performance indicators
  • Monitoring, evaluating and reporting
  • Economic performance of and the demand for labour in the sector
  • Skills and research needs of the sector
  • Skills development priorities
  • Sector strategies, goals and objectives

The SSP should be based on the following:

  • Sector-wide representation without exclusion (i.e. including all sub-sectors, sizes of enterprise within the sector and both public and private organisations, geographical distribution)
  • Comprehensive vision based on long, medium and short-term perspective for the optimum development of the sector
  • Sector analysis and prognosis focusing on occupations and skills levels
  • Full stakeholder participation and commitment
  • Alignment with national objectives and priorities, in particular the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS)
  • Clear objectives, strategy and action plan for implementation

Responsibility for producing the SSP rests with Fasset and therefore, the members of Fasset representing organised labour, organised employers, relevant government departments and other members appointed to the Fasset Board. As a strategic Seta document, the main stakeholders via the Fasset Board, of the sector must endorse the SSP.

Download the Sector Skills Plan
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