May 2015
The recent chill in the air is just a reminder of how quickly time is flying. Coming to end of May, we encourage our stakeholders to participate in the TVET WBE Programme, by providing learners with an opportunity to get their diplomas. See point number 2 below for more information.

We would like to thank all the employers in our sector that submitted their Mandatory Grant by 30 April 2015. The assessment and query process is underway; please remember that queries raised by Fasset need to be responded to within one month.

We have just opened three funding windows and invite bidders to submit proposals for academic and employment bridging programmes. Please visit our website to download the bid documents.

To find out about what's happening at Fasset read below or visit:

Kind Regards
Romaana McKinnon
Time and Stress Management

Fasset will be hosting a Time and Stress Management workshop this winter. The workshop will focus on sharing practical information and tools applicable to managing stress more effectively. Registrations will open on our website soon.
Employers needed for the TVET Work-based Experience Programme

Fasset seeks to place learners from public TVET Colleges who have successfully completed the theory component (N4, N5 and N6 certificates), with employers in the Fasset sector for 18 months. This practical experience will aid the learners in completing their Diplomas. Fasset will reimburse participating employers for the monthly stipend and travel allowance for each learner. Click here to download the application form for this project and join us on our skills development journey.

This year, the PIVOTAL Grant can only be submitted online. The grant forms are only accessible to firms that have received an approved Mandatory Grant. The online forms will be available by the end of June 2015.

Fasset will now accept email copies of learnership agreements. In order for a learnership agreement to be registered, the completed, signed agreement and all the required supporting documentation must be attached and emailed to: learnership agreements remain available on our website.
Management and Leadership Skills

Fasset held a Management and Leadership Skills workshop in May 2015 across the country. This workshop assisted in building capacity for Fasset stakeholders and ensuring an intermediate level of understanding of management and leadership skills. The material distributed at this workshop is available for download from the Fasset website.
Influencing and Negotiating Skills

Fasset's full-day workshop on Influencing and Negotiating Skills was held in April. This workshop defined negotiation and influence; and focused on the basic types and phases of negotiation, as well as the skills one need to become an effective negotiator. Click here to download the material distributed at the event.
Budget & Tax Update 2015

The Budget & Tax Update seminar was held nationally in March 2015. Final material including 2015/2016
Tax Guides from the seminar and a self-assessment is available for download on the Fasset website.
Fasset Success Stories

We always love to hear back from those who have completed Fasset-funded programmes and encourage these stories via email as well on our Facebook page. Click here to read a few comments of gratitude and success stories from the Fasset beneficiaries.
LL calendar of events

Check the updated Fasset Events Calendar to plan your workshop and seminar attendance in 2015.
Getting Started with Fasset

Click here for a guideline on how to get started with Fasset, and how to take advantage of the Seta's offerings.
Non-levy payers

Non-levy paying employers can register with Fasset, and enjoy Seta benefits and incentives, such as attending free training events. Click here to download the registration form.
Career Guidance

To find out how to get Fasset material for your Career Guidance programme, send an email to outlining your requirements.
Do we have your correct details?

If any of your particulars have changed, please contact Fasset at 086 101 0001 or via email at, so that we can update your details on our database. You can also login to verify or update your details.
Fasset Tender Bulletin

Fasset procures a number and variety of services in the course of achieving its objectives. All procurement at the relevant threshold according to supply chain regulations is advertised on our website and we advise prospective service providers to regularly check the Tender Bulletin section for new information relating to Fasset's service requirements.
Fraud Prevention

In order to assist Fasset in giving effect to our Fraud Prevention Plan, we encourage all stakeholders to make use of the Fasset Tip Offs Hotline 0800 205 054 to notify Fasset of any suspected fraudulent activities impacting on Fasset.
Win Win Win

Congratulations to Deniece Horne the winner of our website lucky draw competition for April 2015.