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Fasset is the Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority (Seta). 21 Setas have been established in terms of the Skills Development Act, to cover all sectors in South Africa, including government. 'To influence the effective operation of the labour market, through effective skills, so as to ensure the appropriate supply of competent labour necessary to compare in the global economy.

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2019/2020 TVET Lecture Development and Community Education and Training

TVET Lecture Development and Community Education and Training application forms opening on the 19 November 2019 to 5 December 2019.

Training Incentive Grant: Second Window Applications

The Training Incentive Grant opened a second window applications to Fasset employer members. The closing date for this window is 06 December 2019.

Employers are encouraged to apply as early as possible so that should their application be rejected, they could still re-apply before the extended deadline. Employers that were rejected in the first window of applications are also encouraged to apply.

Please click here to access the application criteria with all the information regarding the training incentive grant.

Fasset also reached out to some of the Professional Bodies within the sector to assist with the training. We encourage our employers to attend their courses with these Professional Bodies as far as possible.

The following Professional Bodies have been reached out to provide the following courses:

  Professional Body Institution   Course   Registration and   course outline   Format
  South African Institute of Tax   Practitioners (SAIT)   2019 Effective handling of SARS queries,   audits & disputes   Click here to register   Webinar
  South African Institute of Business   Accountants (SAIBA)   Compliance with changes in Legislation   Click here to register   Webinar

For queries, please email incentivesgrant@fasset.org.za

2019/2020 Learner Employment Grant Requirements

Discretionary Grants application opening on the 15 November 2019 to 14 February 2020

Risk Management – November 2019

Fasset invites registered members to join us in a one-day workshop on Risk Management. This training is targeting small, medium and micro enterprises (SMME’s) and large firms employing financial specialists registered with a range of professional bodies. You will learn to understand the importance and required understanding and skills to implement risk management effectively in your organization or be able to provide consultancy service to clients.

The course outline includes:

• Understanding the concept of risk as defined by leading   best practices i.e. COSO, ISO 31000 and KING IV   requirements. • The process of identification and assessment of risk,   the plotting of risk on heatmaps, inherent versus   residual risk.
• Corporate governance and risk, with a specific practical   linkage to the COSO model. • Managing risk, risk management strategies available   to management.
• Risks and roles of line managers, risk management and   internal audit, as well as the oversight role of the audit   committee. • Reporting on risk to key stakeholders, including the   role of the second line of assurance in risk   management.
• Recognising the different types of risks, including   financial, reputational, human resource and asset   management risks. • Integrated risk management and a brief reflection on   combined assurance.

Benefits of attending

The workshop will assist delegates to apply risk management in the daily running of their businesses. The current economic climate and the pressures being part of the international economy influenced the growth rate of businesses in South Africa. The delegate will learn how to identify and assess external and internal risks, how to design effective risk mitigation strategies and how to design controls to reduce overall risk to within the risk appetite of the business.

• Learn how the business world applies risk management on   a 365/24/7 basis. • Apply the different risk management strategies in the   day-to day environment.
• Learn to identify and manage strategic risks and how to   use the second line of assurance effectively. • Link key controls to key risks to reduce the overall   impact on the achievement of objectives.
• Learn to identify and manage operational risks, and how to   apply risk appetite to risks. • Create a risk management process that can measure   risk on a continuous basis.
• Utilise the principles of the four lines of assurance in   mitigating risk and ultimately business failure. • Analyse the risk reports and utilize information in   future planning processes.

Click here to register your attendance online.

Call for employer applications: WBE TVET Project

To access the application form and related information please click here

Closing Date for applications: 07 November 2019
Time 16h30

Training Incentive Grant Invitation

Fasset invites its registered Employers, Professional Bodies and Trade Unions represented in the
Fasset sector to apply for this incentive.

If your organisation is planning to provide training to staff, or your respective professional body
is planning to run CPD training for its members and non-members; please send your application with your planned
training activities by no later than 25 October 2019 to incentivesgrant@fasset.org.za.
Please note that our emails can only accommodate email sizes up to 8MB. Applications can also be dropped off at
Fasset offices for the attention of Projects Department: Lifelong Learning.

Please Click here to access the application criteria with all the information regarding the training incentive grant.

For queries, please email sello.malatsi@fasset.org.za

2019/2020 Discretionary Grant Applications (Projects)

Discretionary Grant (Projects) window has opened for 2019/2020; click here to access application forms.

2019/2020 Discretionary Grant Guidelines and Manuals (Employer Grant)

Discretionary Grant Guidelines for 2019/2020 are now available for employers to download.

Please access the guidelines here.


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