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TIPS for Hassle-free Downloading
Click here to download the Acrobat (PDF) Reader Software
  1. Download documentation is available in either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format. If neither of these formats is suitable for your use, or if you encounter problems when downloading a file, please request an e-mail or fax version of the document you require from our Call Centre on 086 101 0001.
  2. Adobe PDF files open in a new browser with the 'Save' and 'Save as...' options disabled in the drop-down “File” menu. In most instances the new browser will offer a 'Save' button which, when selected, will allow you to save the document.
  3. Try right clicking on the initial file link and choose the 'Save Target As...' option to save.
  4. Certain files require a large amount of memory to download, open, or display correctly. Please be patient and allow sufficient time for file operations to complete.
  5. It is often quicker to save a file to a drive on your computer before opening as opposed to opening from the website and then saving it.
  6. WinZip files (*.zip files), require the WinZip software package which you can download for free from www.winzip.com.

Fasset Procurement Guide
SDF Training

Organising Framework for Occupations (OFO) Codes

2017/18 Mandatory Grant Applications, Guidelines and Manuals

2016/2017 Mandatory Grant Applications, Guidelines and Manuals
Please note that applications open on 1 February 2016

Discretionary Grants
Discretionary Grants Requirements for the 2017/18 year will be available towards the end of June 2017. Please be aware that in order to access any discretionary grant, levy paying firms must have an approved mandatory grant, which is due 30 April 2017. All previously registered Non-levy Payers (NLPs) must have re-registered for the 2017/18 financial year.

Non-Levy-Paying Member Registration Form

Skills Development Facilitators
SIC Codes and Inter-Seta Transfers Linking SDL Numbers
Quality Assurance