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Board and Committees

The Minister has re-established Setas until 31 March 2020. The Board was also re-appointed to align to the re-establishment period.

The Fasset Board is supported by six Sub-committees: one Executive, two Audit and Risk, three Governance and strategy, four Finance, five Remuneration & Human Resources; and six Procurement. Three advisory/working committees are also in place: Employer Working Committee, Initial Professional Development Working Committee and Learner Interest Working Committee. Details on the Board and each of the Committees are outlined below.

Board and Committee Structure


The Board is Fasset’s Accounting Authority. As the highest governing structure, the Board provides strategic leadership for Fasset; it provide assurance to all stakeholders that Fasset is fulfilling its obligations in terms of the Fasset constitution and the Skills Development Act, and reports to the Minister of Higher Education and Training as the Executive Authority of the Seta.

Board Members


Chairman (Ministerial Appointee - Vacant)

Employer seats

Mr. Sathie Gounden Business and Management Consulting
Vacant Development Corporation and Investment Entities & Trusts
Mr. Bongani Mathibela Small accounting, auditing and tax practitioners
Mr. Stadi Mngomezulu State departments and public entities
Mr Mauwane Kotane Financial Markets
Ms Patricia Stock Large and medium sized accounting and tax practices

Employee seats

Mr. Shahied Daniels Professional Bodies (Acting Chairman)
Ms. Shirley Machaba Professional Bodies
  Vacant Professional Bodies
Ms. Kate Hlongwane Trade Unions
Ms. Corné Karsten Trade Unions
  Nyameka Macanda Trade Unions
Ms. Amanda Dempsey Ministerial Appointee
Ms. Mopo Mushwana Ministerial Appointee


(Board Chairman-vacant)
Shahied Daniels Acting Chairman
Kate Hlongwane
Corne Karsten
Bongani Mathibela


Name Organisation Position
Veronica du Preez Independent Consultant Independent Member
Shirley Machaba (Chairman) PWC Board Member
Edson Ragimana NERSA Independent Member
Amanda Botha Accounting Standards Board Independent Member
Patricia Stock BDO South Africa Inc Board Member
Mdu Zakwe Independent Consultant Independent Member


Amanda Dempsey (Finance)
Patricia Stock (Remuneration; Human Resources)
Shirley Machaba (Audit and Risk Committee)
Mopo Mushwana (Board Procurement Committee)
Shahied Daniels (GSC)