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The South African Qualifications Authority(SAQA) Act, 1995, requires that education and training programmes and practices are based on Unit Standards registered on the NQF, and where appropriate result in national qualifications on the NQF. The act requires that education and training practices have internal and external assessment practices built into a quality assurance system. Moderation is a form of assessment practice that falls within this quality assurance framework and the moderator ensures that the assessment process is consistent and fair, regardless of the assessment methods used or the particular assessor who performed the assessment.

Who can Register as a Moderator?

Moderators can be from various backgrounds:

  • Trainers/teachers/lecturers
  • Colleagues/peers
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Designated workplace assessors
  • External assessors, i.e. external to the learning site, be it the workplace or education and training provider’s site

The Role of the Moderator

The role of the moderator is to:

  • Ensure that the assessment process is consistent and fair
  • Establish relevant systems (policies and procedures) in the organisation
  • Moderate assessment practices
  • Manage of assessment information
  • Facilitate smooth communications between the different role players in assessment. (Advice, mentoring, conflict handling and coordination)

Criteria for Registration as a Moderator with FassetQA

The moderator should meet the following criteria:

  • Must have been deemed competent and certified for the generic Assessor Unit Standard (No ASSMT 01 - Plan and Conduct Assessment of Leaning Outcomes) by an ETDP Accredited Provider
  • Must have been deemed competent and certified for the generic Moderator Unit Standard (115759 - Conduct Moderation of Outcomes-based Assessments
  • Have the relevant subject matter expertise as stipulated in the qualification and/or Professional Body
  • Moderate against qualifications/standards that fall within FassetQA's scope (Click here for qualifications and unit standards within FassetQA's scope)

FassetQA Moderator Registration Process

  • Complete the FassetQA Registration as a Moderator Application forms (Click here for the application form and criteria document)
  • Attach all relevant and supporting documentation
  • Submit the original application form and copies of supporting documentation
  • If you will be assessing any of the Professional Body/Quality Assurance Partners qualifications, you will need to attach a letter of recommendation from the relevant Professional Body/Quality Assurance Partners with your application form


When the application form has been evaluated against the set criteria, moderators will be notified in writing and issued with a registration certificate, registration number, code of conduct and requirements for continued registration.

Requirements for Continued Registration as Moderator

  • Contact details kept current
  • Adherence of Code of Conduct
  • Keep abreast with amended Moderator Standards
  • Participation in professional development workshops on an annual basis
  • Submission of recommendations regarding the revision of qualifications/standards (as required)
  • Compliance with moderation requirements
  • Providing reports based on FassetQA requirements, as required

De-Registration Process

FassetQA will de-register moderators for the following reasons:

  • If a moderator has breached the code of conduct and compromised the integrity of the learner achievements
  • Where a moderator has moderated outside of the scope of registration
  • If a moderator request de-registration.

Should a moderator be de-registered for mis-conduct, the following bodies or authorities will be informed:

  • Fasset’s Chief Executive Officer
  • South African Qualifications Authority
  • Department of Higher Education and Training
  • Any relevant ETQA’s

FassetQA Appeals Process

Moderators who have been de-registered or have not been granted registration may appeal against the decision by:

  • Submitting a written notice of appeal to the ETQA Manager within 10 working days of the decision
  • The Appellant has a further 10 working days to submit a statement setting out the grounds for the appeal, accompanied by the relevant documentation, to the ETQA Manager
  • The appeal will be forwarded to FassetQA’s Appeals Committee who will consider the evidence and make decisions to either accept or reject the appellant’s claim
  • The ETQA Director will communicate the Committee’s decision to the appellant in writing and thereafter, the appellant may submit a further appeal to SAQA
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